The Company is licensed to use the A-Power Recirculating Aquaculture System (“APRAS”) technology. The unique technology allows the Company to lower cost of construction, and to implement phased growout and partial harvest strategy which leads to high yield and sustainable production. With applications of both indoor (APRAS) and outdoor (ODRAS) farms, the Company intends  to operate as a model of efficient, safe, and sustainable aquafarming for China and the rest of the world. 
APRAS, now beyond its 11th generation, is an engineered, self-contained water treatment and re-circulating aquaculture system for the growing of aquatic animals on a commercial scale. It mainly consists of the A Power Grow Out Basin and the A Power Treatment Stack equipment, and operating techniques and procedures. In addition to indoor tanks employing APRAS technology, the Company applies the technology to open dams, ODRAS, often used in conjunction with the indoor tanks. As of the end of Q1 2017, the Company has completed 240 MU (16 acres) of third generation ODRAS out of 600 planned MU at aqua farm 4.
The APRAS environment is engineered for sustainability. No fish are caught from the open seas, rivers, or other bodies of water; rather, they are born, bred, and grown in the Company’s closed indoor APRAS environment. The planet’s land and water are not spoiled by our operations. 
Alligning with one of our strategic goal, which is to create a sustainable production practices, a green, holistic facility management and nutrient recycling & wetland & bird sanctuary. Megafarm incorporates several sustainable and environmentally friendly aspects including the RAS system, use of reclaimed water for aquaponics production and fertilizer from the RAS for vegetable and fruit growing. We also have a wetland that will be a bird sanctuary for indigenous species.
Based on the overview of the MegaFarm, the plan developed a spatial structure of "an axis, a ring, an area, and six zones".

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