Management Team

We established a Quality Management Team where all the members are experienced, visionary and dedicated.
Solomon Lee
Chairman & Managing Director
C. S. Ravindran
Managing Director
From March 2004 to date, Mr. Lee has been Company Managing Director of Capital Award Inc. Since May, 1993, he has been the CEO of Irama Edaran Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia), a modern fishery developer. There was no formal relationship between Sino Agro Food and Irama Edaran. He received a B.A. Major in Accounting and Economics from Monash University, Australia in July 1972.
As a member of the board, Mr. Solomon contributes his knowledge of our company and a deep understanding of all aspects of our business, products and markets, as well substantial experience developing corporate strategy, assessing emerging industry trends, and business operations.
Global Business Leader with 36 years of experience in strategy, finance, fund raising, techno commercial expertise having worked for IPOs across India, Singapore and USA successfully.  Have also covered running and operating as Chief Executive in traditional industries, Oil & Gas, Power and IT.
Recognized Business Development Specialist having established strategic partnerships and trading network with companies and trading boards in over 20 different countries spanning APAC, Western Europe, Africa and the Americas.
Demonstrated global trade expertise managing foreign trade and currency volatility across APAC, Middle East and European markets.
Fund raising and expertise in managing listed companies in India, Singapore and USA.
Dr. Anthony C. Ostrowski
R&D Director
Anthony Ostrowski was born in 1957, and is a citizen of the United States of America. He joined the Company in August 2015 as Chief Scientific Officer. He is an accomplished executive and scientist with broad international background and experience in the field of aquaculture and process certification. He was principle investigator on multi-million dollar research projects, directed a multi-institution research consortium, and led the internationally recognized aquaculture research and development organization, Oceanic Institute, as president & CEO from 2009-2012. Most recently, he was General Manager & CEO of Wanshida Ocean Bio-Tech, Ltd., a Chinese aquaculture research and development firm located in Yangjiang, PRC. He also served on several boards and technical committees within the aquaculture community providing both scientific and strategic direction that helped establish local and international standards for the field.
Dr. Ostrowski will lead Company initiatives to improve product traceability and accomplish certification in aquaculture best practices. He will conduct research and develop programs key to the Company’s competitive position in aquaculture. Dr. Ostrowski holds a Ph.D. and M.S. from Michigan State University, USA., and a B.S. from Penn State University, USA.

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