Aquafarm 3 - Sanjiao, Zhongshan

Aquafarm 3 (AF3) formerly known (informally) as Prawn Farm 2 or PF2 or ZSAPP, Aquafarm 3 has generated income for SIAF since May 2012. AF3 is currently the primary shrimp hatchery for the MegaFarm project, producing yearly over 2 billion postlarvae (shrimp larvae that have just metamorphosed into tiny animals that resemble shrimp, from more unrecognizable larvae stages, the nauplii, zoea, and mysis stages). The hatchery at AF3 is targeted for construction to expand production to 5 billion postlarvae (“PL”). AF3 also conducts growout of shrimp, prawns, and fish in open and partially open ponds. 
Construction of facilities was phased from 2012 through 2017. Completion of build-out of AF3 is targeted by the end of 2018. The first three phases resulted in production capacities of 3.2 billion postlarvae and 1,200 metric tons of prawns.  Subsequent and ongoing construction targets production capacity of 5.0 billion postlarvae. Also, as of mid 2017, open dam ponds are being converted to 3rd generation Open Dam Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (“ODRAS”), an adaptation of the Company’s indoor tank APRAS technology. As part of the hatchery system, there are also outdoor growing and holding ponds. 
AF3 has been widely recognized and acclaimed for its success, and hosts many important visitors. The hatchery also has established long-standing relationships with several key partners worldwide who provide guidance and advice on hatchery protocols.


Sanjiao Town, Zhongshan




2012 - 2017

Farm/Property area (Mu)




Core Business

Prawn hatchery and nursery

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