Aquafarm 4 & 5 - Cuiheng, Zhongshan

Aquafarms 4 and 5, also called as megafarm (AF4 and AF5), formerly known as the new Zhongshan Prawn Project (ZSNPP), comprise a phase dependent development planned to span 20 years, and projected to deliver 10,000 metric tons of prawns for sale at the end of the first phase. This is eight to ten times the size of SIAF's original fish farm, which started production in early 2012. Construction commenced during the first quarter of 2014 on the designated 8,000 MU (1,300 acres) site. This is the largest land-based aquaculture project in the world. Capacity production for the first stage of the first phase will be 6,000 MT. Potential increase the production capacity to 130,000 MT or more by 2020. Cultivating aquaponic produce through recycling of farm-waste by-product, as an ancillary income source.

The main entrance


Cuiheng Town, Zhongshan


AF4: 10,000MT AF5: 60,000MT



Farm/Property area (Mu)



AF4 started operation since 2016

Core Business

Prawns and other seafood production

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